Monday, March 28, 2011

Progress in the Process

One of the biggest misconceptions in the beginning stages of exercise and diet is that there are no noticeable differences between the start of the regime and the current moment of existence. This is where most people stop the program that they are currently in, and possibly stop going to the local gym where there membership is because they believe, with their natural eye, that no progress has been made and they return to the life they lived before deciding to make a change. If this applies to you, do not feel bad, because it applies to me as I am writing this. Far too many times I have begun a task, not necessarily exercising, but because I haven’t noticed the progress that I believe should have been made, I quickly become frustrated and stop it altogether. Christians experience this in the spiritual realm as well. We begin to pray, seek the Lord like never before, but we feel as if nothing has changed and our life, instead of improving, has actually gotten worse! We feel as if what we are doing isn’t helping us reach our destiny like WE think it should, and convince ourselves that we were better off doing what we were doing previously. What we need to realize is that with any project or endeavor, results do not happen overnight. Even the disciples had to wait for the coming of the Holy Ghost after the ascension of Christ. It was not until they were fully prepared on the day of Pentecost that they received the promise. But they had to endure the process of WAITING. We must understand that it is what goes on behind the scenes that make the outside look good! There is progress in this process, just do not become so discouraged that you cannot see it!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can You Believe It ?

If you are anything like me, when something happens it may take you a while before you actually believe it. When President Obama took the oath of the presidency, I am sure that there were many, many people that just took a moment to say to them that “this is really happening” and “I am witnessing history in the making”.

But now I want to put a twist on the phrase that is the title of this blog. I believe that most of today’s Christians do not experience the fullness of the power of God because that cannot believe that it really exists. Too often we find that a saint will be seemingly be in a constant state of depression………they always are saying ‘please pray for me’ or ‘why am I going through this’. The Bible declares that if we have the faith of a mustard seed, we are able to move mountains. However, it also declares that to fully exercise this so great a faith, we must become like little children. Children believe that any and everything is possible, simply because they nothing else. We as mature Christians have become accustomed to stipulations and boundaries because in the natural realm we have heard the word ‘No’ so many times. But what we must return to is the basic doctrine of faith: God is above the natural way of doing things!

Deitrick Haddon said it best: God is supernatural, meaning that there is nothing that God cannot do. However, we cannot move past the natural because it is so easy to see. However, if we could see God naturally and how He operates, then faith would be unnecessary. But because God moves by His spirit and by His time, we have a hard time believing that God has heard our prayer and are willing to save us. But the old saints put it best when they said this: ‘He may not come when you want Him, but He is always right on time!’ Can you believe that!