Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Broken Pieces by Charles Clark

What happens to a spirit that has been broken?
On the floor, on their hands and knees trying to put those tear stained pieces of that spirit back together.
Wishing and Praying for a “savior” to come along and help make them whole once more.

Yet it begs the question, are those pieces suppose to be put back together?
Are those the pieces of depression or oppression?
Are those the pieces of a scared childhood?
Are those the pieces of a man who no longer exists? 

So before you pick up those pieces
Ask yourself one last question …….
Am I on the journey to wholeness without them …… 

Inspiration to write came after I read something my brother Jason wrote, my friend Detrick Hughes and by a FB message someone sent to me about the current issue of 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dear Brotha's 

I am really excited to be a Group Leader for the SURRENDER FAST CYCLE 7!  I will try my best to post something everyday.  I am a little different (just ask Dr. Owens); I'll post thoughts, scriptures, music videos, songs, etc and I want your feedback on it all.  Please feel free to email me (, leave messages on the blog, or even call. Cycle 6 changed the way I saw myself,  my relationship with God, and how I wanted to be a better me.  Trust me everyone will have a different experience during Cycle 7 and my advice is just to be open to the possibilities.  God Bless You and hope to hear from you soon! 

Your in Christ, 
Charles Clark