Friday, October 22, 2010

Is It Possible

The famous Clark Sisters, in the song titled “I’m looking for a Miracle, wrote the song lyric, “The sky is the limit to what I can have”. Now do not mistake this for artistic criticism, because it is not. The Clark sisters are masters of their gift, and they have rendered a countless number of gospel hits throughout the course of their collective and individual careers. I just believe that the sky is not the limit to what I or you can have, but is merely another ceiling for us to bust through. For so long we have limited ourselves to what I like to call basic faith. Basic faith is the faith that says, ‘I believe that God hears prayer and maybe He heard mine. If He answers, fine. If He doesn’t, then obviously it wasn’t my place to pray for that”.

We now must transition from basic to what I call “beyond” faith. What I mean by that is we must begin to believe beyond what the limits may have placed, because God is not bound by time, space, or power. He is called the great “I AM”, not the once great I was. What you think is impossible, God has already made possible. You must simply declare to yourself that it is possible.