Sunday, March 22, 2009

Did I write that ? .........

I am about to talk about a topic that NO BLACK MAN will touch. Friday was one of the biggest days of my life. I got my official business certificate for Nebo Publishing, the company that will bring you this online magazine. And I had no to share it with; yes I have friends’, really good friends. But they weren’t the person you want to grow old with. So even though I am so excited, there is a tad feeling of being lonely. No friend is going to rub head and no family member is going share that kind of joyous and exuberating feeling the way a mate would have(I hope). So what I am I trying to say? I truly believe I have found the purpose or reason for me to be on this earth. Now I want someone to share this and other life experiences with.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Already Alright

Early this morning after not sleeping much, I awoke singing (ad-libbing of course):

“God has not promised me sunshine, that’s not the way it’s going to be. “ (WHY) Cause sometimes we have to get a little rain, then it gets mixed with a little of God’s sunshine, you know some grace, mercy, with a sprinkle of love and dash of meekness, a cup of temperance. You know to remind you that you can’t have everything your way and you are still evolving. In school I give little self-checks to measure what the students know and to remind them what areas they’re still struggling with or gage how well they can solve a specific type of problem. Well same with us, these little bumps are just a reminder that we still have some growing to do but, shows where growth has occurred. I don’t handle a problem or a stumbling block the way I handled it in 2008, hopefully I have matured. Also, things could be worse and here I am belly aching over something that could and can be fixed if I would just remember whose child I really am. Even the last line of the Hawkins’ song gives you hope:”For it will be ALIRGHT”. And it’s that we all are looking for, just a reminder that yes before, during and after the storm that EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Introducing ...

This has been the most exciting and exhausting time in my life. The juggling act of working, school, church and starting a business has been mind blowing. But I wouldn’t change the last few weeks for anything. This is the most free I have felt in my adult life. My pastor (Pastor Andre Clark, New Direction Christian Fellowship) a couple of years ago, spoke a message entitled “Dream Big”. I wanted to but I was scared, scared of failure, of rejection that I put off doing what I was meant to do for 2 whole years. Since I as a kid, I wanted to have my own magazine. I would get a magazine and first look for the editor, publisher, photographer, and writers. Always wishing and hoping that someday when someone opened a magazine that they would see my name. Well now I have thrown away fear and picked up purpose. As many of you know I am a singer and I love to sing, but I have been blessed to have people placed in my path that I have picked up nuggets of information and knowledge. And through my pastor’s message, was reminded to dream and not fear.

The purpose of this magazine is to inspire, educate, and inform. Topics from dating to destiny, sorrow to glory, monogamy to infidelity, from sex to abstinence, from politics to prayer, from hip hop to literature, from devotion to how to better study God’s word. These and many other topics will be discussed inside this magazine. I have already been advised on topics I shouldn’t touch, which in turn will be the very topics that will be written about in this publication. My prayer is to minister to the whole man both young and not so young. To have an outlet where we as men can pose a question and get a response that is meaningful and based on the word of God. I want to help us take better care of ourselves, how to make money work for us, how to make ourselves marketable in this shrinking economy, overall to have a positive impact in the lives of Black Christian Men.

So please join me on this new journey and let’s grow in grace together.

Charles Clark, Jr., Publisher/Editor

*This first blog is dedicated to my father, the late Rev. Charles Clark, Sr. 1946-2002