Saturday, February 19, 2011

Confident vs. Conceited

Here is something that I have thought of on a consistent basis: what is the difference between being confident and being convinced? Is there a line between the two, or do they walk hand in hand? Another word that can be substituted here is convinced. When does know when they have crossed the line, if there is one to be crossed? Well, here is what I believe: it takes some sort of confidence to walk this thing we call Christianity. With the world in the shape that it is in today, you have to be sure that you know God, and that He knows you. Now just because you know God (or whatever you may call it) does not give you the right to look down on others. In all of the being convinced, confident, or whatever, remember that if you cannot be convicted, then you are indeed a counterfeit. Here is what real saints are confident in: the fact that God is holy, righteous, and the judge of all deeds. He chastens those whom He loves. If you feel you haven’t been chastened in a while, you may want to check your relationship.