Monday, March 9, 2015


The Bible tells us we are born sinners (Psalms 51:5).  Through the disobedience of Adam, in the Garden of Eden, generation after generation have entered the world shaped in iniquity.  Please do not blame Adam, because even in our sinful nature, we have a choice whether to obey God, whether to follow our passionate desires of our sinful nature (Ephesians 2:3).  If you think, it is not fair to face God’s judgment because Adam started the sin cycle, ask yourself if you have always obeyed God when faced with a choice.  Now that we understand no one is righteous (Romans 3:10), we should be able to fully appreciate God’s gracious gift.

There is a great difference between Adam’s sin (our sin) and God’s gracious gift.  Adam’s sin brought death to all of us, and without the intervention of someone greater than sin, the path leads to eternal death.  However, God’s wonderful grace is even greater and His gift of forgiveness is available to all through one man, Jesus Christ!  If you really want to know what is not fair consider this, Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world (sinful choices we make), so that the world might have life through faith in His sacrifice.  That is not “fair”—that is grace!

God’s grace forgives us when we disobey Him.  God’s grace keeps us when we make the wrong decisions.  God’s grace covers us in the blood of Christ.  God’s grace gives us another chance.  God’s grace will pursue us all the days of our lives.  It is God’s gracious gift that is available to all and give us eternal life despite our sinful entry into the world.  God’s grace.

Scriptural Challenge: Take a moment to reflect on the grace of God and thank Him through prayer for His wonderful grace.

Written by Shad Comeaux

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